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Every Friday and Saturday night, starting at 10 PM, mixed by Antonello Ferrari "Studio 54, the story of the dance music"!
Don't miss The Sound of Philadelphia! Every day at 4 AM - 10 AM - 4 PM and 9 PM

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We play the best in Funky, Soul, R&B, Disco from 70s and 80s
Contact: info@funkycorner.it
Every day at Midday, 6 PM and 3 AM we play the greatest 100 funky songs from 70s and 80s. Don't miss it!
Soul Funky Collection
Please have a look at one of the greatest funk collections in the world
Soul Funky passion
You will find a Book with the Top 100 rarest Records in the world by Marco Cavenaghi
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Soul Funky Passion: on Tuesday at 1 AM, on Thursday at 10 PM and on Sunday at 2 PM, Marco Cavenaghi unveils his gems: Soul Funky Passion a selection with the rearest  black music you've ever heard
The Clive Brady Jazz, Funk and Soul Show every Sunday starting at 10 PM
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New! The Sound of Philadelphia and Hits of Funky Corner Radio from 70s and 80s, selected and mixed by Marco Giannotti, every Wednesday starting at 11 PM
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